Easily Meet Your Energy Use Goals

In addition to supporting the procurement of Electricity, AFI Energy Consulting endorses the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). We support those businesses that have backup generators by assisting them in receiving cash from ERCOT for emergency load response and load response.

Demand Response Opportunities in ERCOT

Man Holding Light Bulb of Ideas
Vision Execution

  • Understand the Opportunity
  • Design the Right Energy Solution
  • Open Communication With Customer Team
  • Utility Interconnect
  • Start Comm. Operations

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ERCOT DR Experts

  • Leading Demand Response Provider with ERCOT's Use of Emergency DR
  • DR is Tightly Integrated Into the Ercot Reliability Mix
  • ERCOT Dispatches Demand Response to Prevent Rolling Brownouts
  • When Demand Response Is Called, Your Risk of a Power Interruption
  • Without Compensation - Is At Its Highest

Light Bulbs

Experts at Developing DG

  • 44 MWs Developed and Deployed In the Last 18 Months
  • 75 MWs of Exporting DG Managed by Mp2's 24x7 Real-Time Operations Desk

Broker with Customer

MP2 is a Trusted Partner

  • Effectively Worked With Brokers to Implement Customer's Stated Energy Use Goals
  • Award-Winning Broker and Customer Satisfaction and Ease of Doing Business