Protecting Electronic Assets

Electrical spikes and surges cause millions of dollars' worth of damage to facilities due to failure of lighting, computers and technical equipment. AFI Energy Consulting can show you how Maxivolt® can reduce these dangerous spikes and surges, add value to your facility, and decrease costly equipment replacements to increase profits.

Quality Performance With Maxivolt

Texas Instruments installed Maxivolt technology to increase the reliability of multiple electronic assets. One asset was their lighting system. The following excerpt is from Texas Instruments four-year return on investment report on their Maxivolt investment.

USE CASE: Surge Protection Applications at Texas Instruments

LOCATIONS: Love, Lemmon, Forest Lane
RESULT: Tube Consumption Dropped By Over 80%

When you add Maxivolt technology to your LED lighting system, you are marginalizing one of the main causes of LED failure, transient surge events. The most common LED equipment failure is the light's driver. A driver provides power to the light and is made up of several smaller components that are highly sensitive to transient surges.

It is important to note that transient surge events occur every day inside your facility. While the totals vary, the North American Manufacturers Association (NEMA) reports a typical building experiences as many as 150 transient surges a month.

In the report, "LED Driver and System Reliability," Hubbell, a leading LED lighting manufacturer stressed the importance of adding transient surge protection to LED lighting systems in commercial and industrial applications. Most LED manufacturer warranties only cover the cost of parts leaving the largest expense, labor, to the end user.

Why Maxivolt?

Without Maxivolt's technology, transient surge events can enter your LED lighting system and cause failures.

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